Bad Eilsen Reunion

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Presentation Tree


Following on from the hospitality shown to Members of the Reunion during the first ‘Return’ in 2000 it was decided to present Bad Eilsen with a gift of a tree to mark the ten years that the RAF and other services had served there between 1945 and 1955.

The tree, a Horse chestnut (Aecculus Hippocastanum), was planted in the spring and formally presented to the village during the second ‘Return’ in 2001.

From a small sapling it has now matured into a fine specimen and is well established alongside the other trees in the beautiful Englische Garden which runs uphill alongside the Harriallee where the airmen’s and airwomen’s billets used to stand.

The wording on the plaque says: This tree is a gift to the people of Bad Eilsen as a token of friendship from all the men and women who served and worked here with the Royal Air Force from 1945 to 1955

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The tree in June 2012